Couples Retreat

Bringing couples together with the help of horses.

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How Horses Help in Understanding Relationships

Horses are relationship masters! They live in Families or Herds, and just like us they need to come to understand each other. This provides us with endless metaphors and learning opportunities.

They have distinct personalities, attitudes and moods – what works with one may not work with another. In our relationships, you need to figure out who your partner is, to have a lasting relationship. The horses will help you and your partner “see” each other.

Horses have exceptional ability to read non-verbal communication. People must change their own thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors to get different results. You must adapt and compromise in a challenging situation to keep your horse calm. Adaptation and compromise are Important in any successful relationship. Learn how to get through tough situations, and grow stronger.

What is Included

It is a One and a Half Day Retreat



We will Start Our day with a Continental Breakfast and Introductions. Then a 2hr Breakout Session on Reigniting the vision that brought you together by Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses.


We will provide a Catered Lunch. Lunch will be an hour. After lunch we will regroup and reflect on the first Breakout. Then a 2hr Breakout Session on How to Communicate on Common Ground and finding your voice. Homework assignment for those that want to enter the Raffle.


Morning will start with a Continental Breakfast and Raffle Winner. Then we will regroup and reflect on what happened the previous day. Breakout 3 a 2hr Session will cover How to Find Success by Working Together. Lay out a plan for your future.

Cost of Retreat

$460.00 per Couple

Currently there are two events planned

August: 24th -25th or September: 14th - 15th

July no longer has availability.