Why Horses are so effective with our Military?

Observing the dynamics of a herd of horses can help clients better understand the dynamics of their own family, military unit and community and provide another positive model for collaboration, support and trust. The horses are living, breathing metaphors and stand-ins for the client’s greatest life challenges and their most important systems of support


An EAP session can have an Impact on:


• Transitions and Reintegration

• Depression and Anxiety

• Addictions

• Relationship Problems

 We know that by effectively linking our clients values and learning style to their treatment plan, service members, veterans and their families can more quickly and completely understand and integrate new perspectives and behaviors into their lives. Structure and substructures are based on “rank”and require boundaries; Understanding and enforcement of boundaries are keys to emotional and physical safety. 

A Session Consists of:



• Trial and error learning by doing

• Reflect on interaction between clients and horses 

• Clients questioning, investigating, experimenting, solving problems, being creative, and constructing meaning

• Identify current beliefs and attitudes

• Practice new strategies to achieve goals

• Read and react to nonverbal communication • Confront behavior and attitudes

• Acts as a metaphor for relationships and social interactions •100% on the ground (no riding)

•Solution-focused model •Adheres to a Strict Code of Ethics