Suzanne Carter, LPC


Suzanne has her B.A and M.A in Psychology and also is an ordained Minister. She is certified in Grief Counseling, Canine and Equine Therapy, Spiritual Intelligence, EMDR and more. Suzanne has been working with groups for over 35 years using many modalities to help people connect with who they are, heal what stands in the way of the expression of who they are and empower them to move forward. She added the Equine element 18 years ago and if she could, she would only do Equine Assisted groups because they are the best

Marie was raised in North Dakota and has worked with horses since the age of 7. From a young age she realized how healing horses can be for people.

In 2013 she was certified in the EAGALA Model as an Equine Specialist. That year in April she opened Colorado Equine Specialist LLC.

Since then she has found success with a variety of Clients, Families, and Groups. Her understanding of Herd Dynamics, matched with her compassion for people, added to her passion for encouraging growth of others and their companies.